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How to remove hair in a bikini zone correctly

If you are intensively preparing for the beach season, studying in the gym and walking shopping in search of a new swimsuit, you could forget about such an important detail as a bikini zone. The skin in this area is very sensitive, so you need to be especially careful to prevent the appearance of unpleasant red pimples and irritation, which often happens after shaving and hair removal. Follow these tips to look flawless in a new swimsuit. Heat the skin well. Before shaving the bikini area, lie in hot water or put a napkin moistened with hot water on the skin for 5 minutes. So you will not only prepare the skin for shaving, but also make hard, stiff thick hairs, after which it will be easier to remove. You can also just take a hot shower and immediately start shaving.
New blades. Every time you shave the bikini area, use the new blade. Even a slightly blunt blade can cause irritation in this area, so try not to shave one blade twice. To save money, use disposable razors that allow you to shave your fresh blade, and after the razor you can immediately throw it away. Exfoliation. Process the bikini zone with a scrub before shaving it or doing wax hair removal. Any cluster of dead skin cells can cause redness, and soft, but thorough exfoliation will come to your aid. You can easily prepare a home scrub by mixing sesame oil with brown sugar in equal parts. Such a scrub will also moisturize the skin. Sesame oil. This oil will replace you and shaving gel. Apply it to the bikini area a minute before starting to shave. The oil forms a protective layer on the surface of the skin and helps it save moisture.
If you accidentally wash the oil or shave the same place several times, lubricate the skin with sesame oil again if necessary. Cortisone cream. If after shaving on the skin there is still red dots or rash, lubricate the redness of redness with cortisone cream or gel twice a day. Such a cream will relieve redness and inflammation quickly and not irritating the skin. If you have grown hairs, apply a hot napkin for 5-10 minutes to this area three times a day, then dry the skin and grease cortisone cream. Always in hair growth. Never act against hair growth. This often causes follicle irritation, which is why the hair can change the direction and grow under the surface of the skin. As a result, you will get ugly and painful ingrown hairs. When you shave the bikini zone, always pull the skin and wrap in the direction of hair growth. When hair removal, press the wax strip and heat it in the direction in which the hair grows. And tear it off in this direction too. I like to see people shining with happiness so I'll help you become happy and as you know people need to earn money to be happy and everyone has their wealth but I'll give you a site that will allow it to fulfill any money that you ever wanted you can earn on this site and most importantly it is very easy and simple, you just have to start earning money and that's all because the online bookmeker allows you to do it so go ahead.