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Decentralized Sports Betting

You may have heard of decentralized sports betting, but what is it? Unlike other betting systems, decentralized sports betting is entirely open-source, so anybody can make changes and improve it. Its decentralized nature allows anyone to create new markets and odds, so the only people that make money are the bettors. Because of its open-source nature, decentralized sports betting platforms don't charge large fees, taking less than one percent of your betting action.


A new IDO based on decentralized sports betting dubbed LunaFi has launched a DEX offering, multiple fun games, and a new game called "LunaFi Crash". Players can place bets in ETH, receive $LFI, and receive bonuses in LFI, the currency used to support the betting platform. LunaFi's new gamification mechanism allows players to earn LFI rewards for placing wagers.


There are many benefits to adopting decentralized sports betting, which makes this type of sportsbook more desirable than others. App is an efficient, scalable, and decentralized blockchain platform. It is capable of supporting a wide variety of smart contracts, which can be utilized for various sports betting needs. These smart contracts can help with betting processes like payment and bet confirmation, prior event analytics, and much more. Moreover, has the ability to bring off-chain data onto the chain securely, making it an ideal platform for a variety of betting applications.

Dexsport: Offering a transparent decentralized betting platform - AMBCrypto


The company announced its proof of concept sports betting app for the UEFA Championship League Closing scheduled for May 28, 2022. The app will display live sports feeds and allow users to place bets on the various components of the game. The company is also establishing strategic partnerships with top venture capitalists and plans to launch its mainnet by Q3 2022. Unlike other sports betting apps, Goracle does not charge any transaction fees.


If you're interested in decentralized sports betting, Chipz is a project that's right for you. This cryptocurrency will allow users to place and wager on a variety of sports events. It will focus on global events, with events based on everything from a change of political leadership to the number of goals scored in a championship match. Chipz is a unique platform, and will fill a market gap in decentralized sports betting.


If you're a fan of the decentralized sports betting scene, you'll love LunaSports. This open-source, decentralized sports betting site allows people to create markets and odds on their own. These betting markets are low-transaction, which benefits all types of players. The odds and markets are constantly updated as the game progresses, and users can follow the game and place their bets accordingly.